Colour Effects


Want to add highlights, lowlights or the newest colour trends without damaging your natural hair ? Now you can.........

We can create many styles and colour effects without using harmful dyes and bleaches with Hair Extensions. By adding lighter coloured strands along with your natural shade we can give the effect of the traditional highlighted look without the need for bleach.

Ombre', Balayage, Sombre', Flamboyage and Strobing highlighting effects can also easily be achieved by our talented hair extension technician using cutting edge placemen techniques.

Using hair extensions in this way to create chemical free highlighting is a revolutionary and damage free technique and a perfect way to achieve the look you desire without damaging your natural hair


Lowlights involve adding darker strands of hair by using colours that are darker than your natural colour to add contrast and depth.

Lowlights can be created on all hair colours and be as subtle or dramatic as you desire. Caramels can be adding to blonde for example and darker brown shades to brunette styles to add warmth and dimention.

We can also combine lowlights with highlights or add multiple shades to create a multi tonal lowlighting effect.

What ever your colour goal we can achieve it without using harmful dyes and chemicals.

Colour Pop

Get adventurous with your hair colour without the commitment of dying your hair with our huge range of coloured hair extensions. We can create various styles and effects using our Remy human hair extensions such as dip dye, coloured tip, colour flash, streaking, strobing and colour high and lowlighting.

These fun extension effects are created by cleverly placing the coloured strands to achieve the same effects that can be achieved with dyes and bleaches without using chemicals.


All of these colour effects can be applied using both Micro Rings and Nano Rings. 

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