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Hair Services

Straight Hair Model

Nano Rings Extensions

Nano Rings are 90% smaller than their predecessor the Micro ring making them the most discreet method on the market.

Using no heat, glue or sewing they are silicone lined making them gentle on your natural hair.

Maintenance appointments are recommended every 6-8 weeks.

I use only high grade Human hair which lasts up to twelve months with regular maintenance and recommended aftercare.



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Beautiful Model

Keratin Revolution Treatment

Cutting edge smoothing keratin treatment that takes around 2.5 hours and smooths cuticles to reduce frizz by up to 95%.

This treatment lasts up to 4-5 months with recommended aftercare. Aftercare shampoo & conditioner to take home is included in the treatment cost.

Keratin revolution does not contain formaldehyde like some other keratin treatments.

Treatment reduces drying time by around 50%.

Suitable for Caucasian and afro hair types.


£155 - £225

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Attractive Young Woman

Weft Extensions

Weft extensions are strips of hair held on in this case by Micro rings. Perfect for those with thicker or Afro hair.

These are not suitable for those with finer hair.

I use only high grade 7A hair which lasts up to a year with recommended maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks.



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Bride with Bouquet

Wedding Hair

Expert, skilled bridal hair service with over eight years experience. 

Donna has styled hundreds of brides, bridesmaids hair over the years and has also styled hair for many bridal magazine shoots.

Providing a friendly, professional service from trial to wedding day. In salon and on location service available.



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Middle Aged Woman

Hair Loss System

The Mesh Integration System is perfect for those who are suffering from hair thinning or pattern baldness. 

This system is suitable for those with up to 80% hair loss.

Using cutting edge techniques to give you a natural, secure full head of hair and also confidence.



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Pretty Hair

Nano Rings



Extra Hair

Half Head  - £330.00

3/4 Haed - £450.00

Full Head - £560.00

Full Head Plus - from £650.00

Half Head - £65.00

3/4 Head - £75.00

Full Head - £95.00

Full Head Plus - £110.00

Per 25 Strands - £85.00

Nano Ring Extensions are available in any length up 20"using silicone tips or 22" and 24" using metal tips.

Model with Long Hair

Micro Wefts




150g - £350.00

200g - £450.00

150g - £55.00

200g - £70.00

150g - £35.00

200g - £45.00

Weft Extensions are available in any lengths up to 24"

Smiling Woman

Mesh Hair Loss System




Free of Charge

£890 - £1400

£130 - £200

These systems are bespoke to each person and can only be quoted after a consultation which takes thirty minutes and is free of charge and done on a one to one discreet basis.

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