Micro Rings

Always B VIP uses the most salon professional methods of attaching hair extensions, the first of which is Micro Ring Extensions.  Micro Rings consist of tiny silicone lined copper rings which secure your hair and the hair extension together - without the use of any glue or heat !  

The Micro Ring Extension method is the safest and most advanced hair extension method on the market. Micro Ring Extensions lead the field as their comfort, longevity, ease of application and removal stand apart from older methods, including glue/bonded (known as 'fusion') and weaving techniques.

Micro Ring Extensions are comfortable to wear and style and their maintenance is simple and hassle-free.  

When you are ready to remove the extensions permanently, you will be surprised at the ease of the process: your extension technician will simply open the rings and remove each extension from your hair.

This method lasts up to 9 months when aftercare instructions are followed. Maintenance appontments are reccommended every 6-8 weeks.

Nano Rings

This system is the newest and most undetectable hair extension system on the market; it is 90% smaller than the micro ring and represents the biggest improvement in hair extensions for a long time. Nano rings are lightweight, virtually undetectable bead like metal rings which provide an incredibly durable fitting. The nano rings are applied to a small section of your own hair; the hair extension strand is then clamped tightly inside the ring holding it securely to your natural hair. 

Like the Micro Ring method there is no heat or glue used and the hair lasts up to 9 months with aftercare and maintenance appointments.

Maintenance appointments are reccommended every 6-8 weeks.

Tape Hair

We guarantee that our Tape Weft hair extensions are of the finest quality. The hair is European supreme quality and lasts 6-8 weeks and can be reused. The base area lays flat replicating natural growing hair and is finer and lighter than other similar tape systems making them very comfortable, easy to re tape and leaving no damage to the hair. Maintenance includes re-taping, re-applying and cut/style. We can create an individual look by mixing different colours together to achieve highlights, balayage, ombre or bright fashion colours. Please note that all hair is different in texture and density which means that you may only need a half head to achieve extra length and body.

This method is heat free and no harsh chemicals such as acetone arenecessary for removal just natural oils. As with all our methods no damage is caused if aftercare instructions are followed.

Micro Ring Weft

A fantastic take on the standard Micro Ring method. Rather than applying individual strands, the Micro Weft method allows the hair to be attached in several long strips held in place securely with Micro Rings. These are quick and easy to fit and no heat, glue, braiding or sewing is necessary.

This method will last up to  6 months with maintenance every 4 weeks or the weft can be removed after a month, stored carefully and reused at a later date.

As a more temporary method of Hair Extension, Micro Wefts are idea for Bridal Hair, Wedding and Occasion Hair. Also great for those on a budget or for people unsure about having extensions for the first time.

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