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Over the course of the Covid 19 Lockdown many of you have had to remove your extensions at home. Refit prices are as follows.......

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Being 90% smaller than Micro rings these tiny rings are very popular with celebrities and are the least visible method on the market. They work in exactly the same way as micro rings and also need the same care and maintenance and last for up to 6 months for the 5A and up to 12 months for the Pure Russian 7A.


Luxury Range 5A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair

Half Head            18"-20" £250    22"-24" £275

3/4 Head             18"-20" £330     22"-24" £385

Full Head            18"-20"  £420    22"-24"  £495

Superior Pure Russian Range 7A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair

Half Head 18"-20" £330        24" £390

3/4 Head 18"-20" £450          24" £550

Full Head 18"-20" £560         24" £640

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

These are great for thicker hair and can last up to 12 months with correct aftercare and maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks. During a maintenance appointment we will move the micro rings back up the hair to their original position, regular maintenance is very important to prevent matting or strain on your natural hair. Micro ring extensions are fitted with no heat or glue and fitted and if cared for correctly are harmless to your natural hair.


Superior Pure Russian Range 7A 100% Remy Human Hair

Half Head        14"-20" £230          22"-24" £260

3/4 Head          14"-20" £420         22"-24" £455

Full Head         14"-20" £475          22"-24" £510

Mini Tips

This hair comes in our Luxury Pure Russian range which is 7A Grade Remy Human Hair and last up to 12 months with maintenance appointments being reccomended every 8 weeks. These super slim extensions are fitted with copper tubes which lay flat to the head and completely cover the bond making them very discreet.

Pure Russian Range 7A 100% Remy Human Hair

Half Head      20"-22"  £280

3/4 Head       20"-22"  £370

Full Head      20"-22"  £450

Micro Ring Weft

Our Micro Ring Wefts are availablein eithet our Luxury Range 4A Grade Remy Human Hair which lasts up to 5 months or our Russian Superior Range 7A Grade (highest grade on the market today) which lasts up to 18 months.

Luxury Range 4A 100% Remy Human Hair

100g   14"-20"   £180    22"  £195

120g   14"-20"   £205   22"  £220

140g   14"-20"   £220   22" £260

Russian Superior Range 7A 100% Remy Human Hair

100g    14" - 20"  £320

150g       14" - 20"   £395

Coloured Strands and Extra Strands

We offer an extensive range of coloured Hair Extensions which can be fitted with Micro Rings or Nano Rings. These are great for adding colour to your hair or creating highlights without using harmful colours and dyes.


25 Strands Micro Rings £60  Nano Rings £70

50 Strands Micro Rings £110  Nano Rings £130


Feather Extensions


10 Strands £20

25 Strands £40

Other Hair Extension Services

Cutting & Styling after Fit:




Maintenance Appointments:


Micro Rings/Nano Rings/Mini-Tips - Half Head £52.50 - Full Head £85

Easilocks - Half Head £80 - 3/4 Head £95 - Full Head £120

Micro Wefts £55 Total

If regular maintenance appointments are not kept up then the cost may be more as more time will be needed.


Removal Service:


1st Hour £40

Additional Time £30 Per Hour



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